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On that very day Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark. They had with them every wild animal according to its kinds, all livestock according to their kinds, every creature that moves along the ground according to its kind and every bird according to its kind, everything with wings. Pairs of all creatures that have breath of life in them came to Noah and entered the ark. Genesis 7:13-15

The First Shall be Last Cartoon
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LAST PLACE - two dreaded words that no one enjoys hearing. Whether it be standing in line, being chosen for a team, or taking an achievement test, no one wants to be last. We associate being last with being a loser. But God's perspective on last place is a little bit different than ours. Jesus said that he who is first shall be last, and he who is last shall be first. Seems a little strange by most standards. Consider this, Jesus left his place of glory with God to become a man, just like us. Not only that, he came not to be served, but to be a servant to all. When we get to heaven I expect we'll see a lot of 'life's losers' wearing blue ribbons.

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